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Impatiens Downy Mildew

Earley Experts 

Experienced by many growers and gardeners concerns have been raised about production for the future.  

Seed raised production is possible as there is no evidence of the disease being seed born.  Only Impatiens walleriana hybrids are affected, the disease has not been seen to affect New Guinea hybrids or  SunPatiens®.


Guidance for Glasshouse Production.

  • Ensure good glasshouse hygiene, disinfect well before start of production.
  • Avoid vegetatively produced Impatiens walleriana.
  • Grow under optimum environmental and nutritional conditions.
  • Grow with good air circulation and avoid plant foliage remaining wet for long periods.
  • Check production regularly for signs of the disease.
  • While the disease does show resistance to fungicides it is still important to carry out a recommended preventative spray program.

Earley Ornamentals will be producing seed raised plugs following the above best practice. No vegetative Impatiens walleriana will be supplied or produced to reduce the risk of infection.

Additional notes for Landscapers/Amenity and Gardeners.

  • Due to the possibility of resting spores being present in areas planted with Impatiens walleriana avoid planting Impatiens in the same beds or compost.
  • Ensure all plant material is removed and destroyed.
  • Sterilise containers or baskets to be reused.  
  • Use fresh compost.

If you are still concerned about production then there are plenty of well proven bedding plants to consider including Begonia, Fuchsia, Geranium, SunPatiens® and Petunia. 

If you wish to discuss your bedding plant programme further please contact your regional Earley representative or the Earley sales office.

The above notes are for guidance only and there remains a risk that the disease will reoccur.

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