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Centenary Celebrations

Celebrating 100 years of Sakata at The FlowerTrials® 2013

Leading independent producer and supplier of young plants, Earley Ornamentals is celebrating two separate centenary events in 2013.

Earley’s primary supplier, international breeding giant Sakata, is celebrating its centenary this year alongside the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) which is celebrating 100 years of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Since 1913 Sakata has been breeding innovative varieties in both ornamental and vegetable crops, including the world’s first F1 hybrid pansy, Majestic Giant, which was introduced in 1966. Today, whether it’s giant or small flowers for packs, pots or baskets there are now over 100 varieties and mixes in Earley's Sakata- bred pansy range.


New varieties on view at The FlowerTrials® 2013

Earley will be supporting Sakata by attending its new variety demonstrations at The FlowerTrials® 2013 in Holland, 11-14 June 2013. New introductions from Antirrhinum to Zinnia will be unveiled, including an increasing range of vegetatively propagated varieties.

The Sakata varieties on show at The FlowerTrials® 2013 make up a large proportion of the 180 million young plants grown each year at Earley Ornamentals. In addition to being the UK's primary distributor of SunPatiens®, Earley offers an extensive range of young plants for all seasons; refining its range continually to ensure there is something new for its customers.

Why not come along to The FlowerTrials® 2013 in Holland and help celebrate 100 years of excellence.

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