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HTA Winners 2017

Double HTA Award WIN For Earley's Penstemon Pentastic™ .

 Penstemon Pentastic™ Red  Penstemon Pentastic™ Rose
Pentastic™ Red
Pentastic™ Rose

Our Penstemon Pentastic™ Red and Penstemon Pentastic™ Rose have both picked up bronze awards in the ‘Herbaceous Perennials’ category at the 2017 HTA New Plant Awards. Pentastic™ was introduced this year to extend the already comprehensive Earley Penstemon range and support the growing popularity of perennials.

 Penstemon Pentastic™ PinkPentastic™ Pink

Programmable and fast-growing, Pentastic™ requires no extra pinching, spacing or PGRs. It is also a particularly good option for retailers looking to extend summer sales and for end-customers wanting plants that will flower into the autumn months, with the flowers re-blooming a few weeks later with pruning.

Bred in the UK by Fred Yates, Pentastic™ is disease tolerant, has a naturally compact habit and is self-branching with short flower spikes.

Delighted with the double win Earley Ornamentals managing director, Simon Earley, said:

“As a UK independent, we’re always keen to nurture UK-bred choices and Pentastic™ is already proving a commercial success with our growers, retailers and landscapers.

“There’s been real growth in interest in perennials so much so we’ve introduced a dedicated Perennial catalogue this year in addition to the main Earley Ornamentals 2017-18 catalogue.”

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The Earley Ornamentals 2019 catalogue features our latest bedding, basket and patio ranges and the 2019 Perennial catalogue shows our expanded range. Both are packed with products that have been selected to help you stay ahead.

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