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Simon Earley to speak at HTA

Simon Earley to speak at the Technical Seminar

Earley Ornamentals’ managing director, Simon Earley, will be speaking at this year’s HTA Annual General Meeting to be held at The Oak Tree, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on Thursday 25th September 2014 from 9am to 4pm. This year’s event will be themed around the introduction of new legislation for BOPP. 

Learning from working with new technology – grower panel

Renewable energy technology offers the potential for growers to address rising fuel prices and to reduce their environmental impact, although for many there are unanswered questions about the practicalities of its implementation.

Simon will form part of the grower panel, dealing with the topic of Renewable Energy Technology, and will be talking about Earley’s experience with biomass boilers, answering any questions from the audience.

Find out more bout Earley’s Biomass system by clicking here.  



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