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On Trend Colours 2019

Driving colour direction for growers and retailers, here is our colour and plant trends forecast for 2019. 

Our plant experts have identified four key trends. Shown here are the core colours, the inspiration driving the trend, and a selection of suitable plants.

Living Coral is Pantone colour of the year 2019

From public parks to suburban gardens, we will be seeing plenty of coral next year as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 is revealed as Living Coral.

For our producers, growers and retailers, we’ve put together a commercial collection of young plants from across the Earley Ornamentals 2019 bedding, basket and patio range and the 2019 Perennial range to ensure you’ve got Living Coral covered for 2019. 

For gardens, public displays and planted pots, Living Coral translates as pops of colour or bold statement blocks.  

Plants like Begonia Fortune F1 or Dahlia Labella® Grande Orange Bicolour would be good commercial options or, for reliable over-winter performance there’s Pansy Mariposa F1 Peach Shades.

Alternatively for more complementary colour scheme selling or display options, coral coloured plants could be teamed with blue options such as Pansy Premier Marina Imp or new Camapnula Clips Dp Blue.

Begonia Fortune F1
Coral Shades 
Dahlia Labella® Grande
Orange Bicolour
Pansy Mariposa F1
Peach Shades 
Pansy Premier
Marina Imp 
Campanula Clips
Deep Blue 

Here are our four key trends, for each we show the core colours, the inspiration driving the trend and a number of selected on-trend plant examples.


Take a Country Walk

Nature – bringing colour, texture and pattern to planting

Rich, dark colour, delicate texture and natural pattern. The abundant wealth of colours and structures found on a country walk, provides the inspiration for the Nature trend.

Sit the bold damson tones of Viola Vibrante F1 Ruby & Gold or a fiery autumnal red, like Celosia Dragon’s Breath, alongside muted greeny browns of coloured foliage. 

Gold-coloured yellows such as award-winning Pansy Freefall®F1 XL Bright Yellow add a hint of contrasting colour against spikier, more dramatic plants like Dianella caerulea Cassa Blue or those that introduce texture such as Salvia Victoria Blue. This theme also welcomes plants that bring pattern to displays such as Alstroemeria Inca Sundance.

Viola Vibrante F1
Ruby & Gold
Aubretia F1
Audrey Red
Dragon’s Breath
Actea Black Negligee Pansy Freefall® F1 XL 
Bright Yellow
PAC® Alma 
Dianella caerulea
Cassa Blue
Victoria Blue
Inca Sundance
Easter Bonnet
Marigold Zenith F1
Golden Yellow 
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Find a Relaxing Space

Lifestyle – a gentle out of this world haven

Creating a safe, relaxed, almost out of this world, planting space is the focus for this trend. 

Soft pastel shades using plants like Primrose Provence F1 Mix, the lavender colours of Scabiosa japonica Ritz Rose or the delicate pattern of Myosotis Savoie combine with stronger more jewel-coloured options like Phlox Popstars F1 Mix or Pansy Premier F1 Blue with Blotch

Gently contrast these with neutral tones of Senator IQ F1 White to satisfy the forthcoming begonia resurgence or introduce more structured options in the form of Digitalis parviflora Milk Chocolate

In terms of foliage the feathery blue texture of Festuca glauca Elijah Blue adds further interesting contrast as does the dominant sage-grey colour of Brachyglottis Walberton’s Silver Dormouse.

Provence F1 Mix
Scabiosa japonica
Ritz Rose
Magic Salmon 
Phlox Popstars F1
Pansy Premier F1
Blue with Blotch
Senator IQ F1 
Digitalis parviflora
Milk Chocolate
Campanula punctata
Pink Chimes
Festuca glauca
Elijah Blue 
Brachyglottis Walberton’s 
Silver Dormouse
Carex comans
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Lift your Spirits

Contemporary – for bold, statement garden design 

Attention seeking garden design that’s not for the faint hearted. This theme makes a statement.  

Bright rich reds of a mass planting option like new SunPatiens® Vigorous Red, the fun, flashy Labella® Grande Red stand off against the coppery-brown colour of Rodgersia Bronze Peacock or sculptural shapes of stunning perennial, Sempervivum Ruby Hearts.

Alternatively, the tropical burnt orange hues of trailing Begonia Illumination F1 Golden Picotee work confidently with berry shades like Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet. This bold colour effect could also be achieved using a mix option like Gazania Kiss F1 Mix. These plants lift the spirits considerably.

Vigorous Red
Beaujolais Bonnets
Bronze Peacock
Ruby Hearts
Begonia Illumination F1
Golden Picotee
Marigold Super Hero™ 
Deep Orange
Alyssum Easter Bonnet
Brassica Nagoya F1
Gazania Kiss F1 
Wallflower Sugar Rush F1
Dahlia Labella® Grande 
Gypsy White
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Add a Twist to Home Comforts

Traditional – familiar formality with an optimistic twist

Classic blends with contemporary here. Traditional colours combine with more modern blush neutrals to give that fresh edge of optimism.

Forming the foundation of this colour theme are gallant blues and strong pinks. Plants like Corydalis Blue Heron sit aside the bold berry colours of Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun Scarlet Bicolour

Peachy neutrals such as Erysimum Artist Gogh’s Gold lift this trend’s style and pop against the stronger colours, pulling this colour theme together.

Blue Heron
Pansy Premier
Marina Imp
Geranium Bullseye F1
Dahlia Labella® Medio
Fun Scarlet Bicolour
Sunny Gaia
Phormium Veneer 
Berry Canary
Artist Gogh’s Gold
Black Mamba
My Oh My 
Pacific Giants 
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