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Ready to Order Pansy and Viola

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Pansy Premier F1 Autumn Mix

Award-winning Pansy Freefall® XL, on-trend colours and some new and improved pansy and viola options are now available in Earley Ornamentals' ready-to-order-now for Autumn/Winter 2018 Pansy and Viola range.


This range is produced to ensure growers are able to provide commercial pansy and viola options to customers.

Presented with a Silver in the Annuals category of the New Plant Awards at this year's HTA National Plant Show 2018, Pansy Freefall® XL Bright Yellow is now available. With the same easy-to-grow Freefall® benefits as the original, Freefall® XL offers the added advantage of larger flowers.

This colour also meets grower demand for on-trend yellows, as seen this year at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


Viola Vibrante Yellow Jump Up

With plenty of other yellow tones and colourful, commercial options to choose from, the extensive Earley Pansy and Viola range features a comprehensive selection of flower sizes, varieties, novelties with choices for autumn through spring flowering.

Pansy highlights include new Mariposa Peach Shades, which offers particularly reliable over-winter performance and Earley Product Hero - the great all-rounder Pansy Premier F1 with its large flowers and extended choice of colours.


Viola Vibrante Yellow Viola vibrant blue bronze Viola Vibrante Yellow Blotch

New violas include Viola Vibrante Yellow Imp, Yellow Blotch Imp and unusual Blue Bronze Imp.

Earley's own Viola Vibrante was introduced in 2015 and has proven to be one of the range's leading products.

Colours in this range have been specifically selected for flowering time uniformity, ensuring all are ready to flower at the same time.

According to Simon Earley, Earley Ornamentals' managing director, Blotch colours tend to be the best sellers:

"To date the Blotch colours always sell well especially Pansy Premier Gold with Blotch but we're expecting to see an uplift in yellows this year, for example our award winner Pansy Freefall® XL Bright Yellow and lemon options like Premier Lemon and Viola Vibrante Yellow."

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