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Product Heroes 2018

Predicted to be the winners for 2018, our Product Heroes are those plants that reinforce the current demands of the evolving market and associated trends. 

This compact commercial collection consists of nine core products, which are available across a broad spectrum of delivery weeks throughout the core seasons.

Selected from the extensive Earley Ornamentals range there are some excellent commercial growing opportunities available, a particular favourite here at Earley Ornamentals is the Pansy Premier. Its extended colour range includes the new Carmine Rose with Blotch and our best-selling Gold with Blotch.

Another Product Hero is Viola Vibrante. Earley's own viola, Vibrante was introduced in 2015 and has proven to be one of the range's leading products with 17 separate colours and six mixes.

A popular plant choice for 2018 is Nemesia – a real commercial winner. Now including varieties Nemesia Bordeaux, which boasts large wine-red coloured flowers and has a compact upright habit and pretty Nemesia Lilac Queen with its large bicolour purple and lavender flowers and neat compact habit. 

Other choices include Nemesia Sunsatia and Aroma™.  A wide selection of Nemesia options feature in the Product Heroes collection and are available in Earley’s 144 tray format, which offers a larger 20cc cell volume. 

Also available in the 144 tray are Bidens options and  X Petchoa SuperCal® Light Yellow, which was Highly Commended in the Best Plant Introduction Bedding or Pot Plant category at Four Oaks 2017.

Seed and cutting raised Petunias are included in this collection, including the bright on-trend Petunia Constellation™ Aries and Crazytunia®, as well as Petunia Success Mix, a new variety with a tidy semi-trailing habit and wide colour range. Early flowering and uniform it is ideal for hanging basket, patio or bedding. 

This extensive Petunia offer is available in tray sizes P144 and P480.

Other Product Heroes include beautiful Bella® Fuchsia with the first double-flowered semi-trailing variety - new colour Julia.

Meeting the trends for big blousy blooms, new variety Cosmos Apollo Lovesong offers large flowers and strong petals and is available in tray size 360 during weeks 9-21.

Completing the Product Heroes collection is the award-winning SunPatiens® range. This Power Flower range delivers colour, consistency and exceptional outdoor performance.

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The Product Heroes 2018

Pansy Premier Viola Vibrante Fuchsia








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