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Staying Ahead

Delivering reliability, expertise and an extensive range of first-class young plants, leading UK producer Earley Ornamentals provides a flexible service for growers looking to stay ahead and meet the needs of today’s challenging retail environment.

With time-poor consumers chasing instant colour and garden spaces changing year-on-year, consumer behaviour and buying habits are evolving.

Next Generation Gardening

Smaller gardens mean options like window boxes and containers, vertical gardening and easy care, dig-free planting are on the up. Retailers are looking to attract a new gardening generation - younger, less experienced gardeners who may require more information and advice yet are keen for instant impact. 

As a result, growers are turning to lower, count packs to create larger, ready-made containers of mixed plants already showing flower. 

An ageing population is also highlighting commercial opportunity among the over 50s who are benefitting from their economic security. With the affluent over 50s taking a more active approach to retirement, garden retailers are most definitely looking to focus their attention on the ‘grey pound’.

Colour Confidence

For 2018, colour confidence looks set to grow. This was evident at Four Oaks where the strong, rich colours proved popular with those that visited the Earley Ornamentals stand.

Weatherproof Plants

Another evolving market dynamic is the growing demand for stronger, more robust plants. These plants need to withstand the increasingly extreme weather conditions the UK is experiencing as well as the climate changing effects that are extending the traditional seasons.

The Rise of Health and Wellbeing

The mental and physical benefits of gardening are at last being recognised with health and wellbeing definitely set to be high on the agenda. Rises in community gardening and the health conscious ‘growing your own’ is also being seen with an increasing commitment, and campaigning, to saving and creating habitats for our local wildlife.

Choose a UK-based Young Plant Producer

On-going Brexit negotiations are also set to remain a market influencer with businesses, and individuals, sourcing locally. 

For ornamentals buyers, it’s never been more important to retain a strong supply chain and buying from a UK-based young plant producer brings many benefits. Intimate market knowledge and capability of tailoring production ensures valuable flexibility and, with fewer miles to travel there is less product deterioration.

Recent years have seen rapid consolidation in the horticulture sector and now, Earley Ornamentals is one of the only truly independent UK young plant producers providing its customers with access to a wide portfolio of varieties. 

Offering an innovative assortment of quality young plants and on-trend additions for 2018, there are some excellent commercial growing opportunities for this evolving marketplace including seed and cutting raised choices for spring, summer and autumn flowering.

Innovative Product Range for 2018 - NEW series, NEW varieties and NEW colours! 

Constantly focusing its product range to meet these changes, Earley Ornamentals remains agile with the flexibility to suit customer needs, ensuring better buying power and a service that gives its customers the competitive edge.

Aligned with the market influences detailed above, Earley Ornamentals has introduced a host of additions that deliver bright colours and new commercial growing opportunities including seed and cutting raised choices for spring, summer and autumn flowering. 

Click here to find out more about the Earley range update.

Here’s how else Earley Ornamentals is helping customers to stay ahead:

Product Heroes 2018
From the extensive Earley Ornamentals range, the Earley Product Heroes are those plants predicted to be the winners for 2018.

These plants reinforce the current demands of the evolving market and associated trends. A particular favourite is Pansy Premier.
Click here to discover the other Earley Ornamentals Product Heroes
Colour Trends Forecast
Leaving nothing to chance, Earley Ornamentals ensures the right on-trend colours are being grown.

The power of colour trends is growing year-on-year and the Earley colour trends forecast for 2018/19 is now available.

It’s not just about identifying the colours that will be generating sales at the till but translating those colour trends into commercial growing options from the Earley plant portfolio – making sure customers are able to buy the plants that will feature in gardens and public spaces in 2018/19.

Wide-Ranging Product Offer

Designed for speed and ease of use the main Earley Ornamentals Catalogue 2017-18 features Earley’s extensive bedding, basket and patio range of products.

Clearly sectioned to aid selection and product identification quicker, it features essential product detail that has been laid out consistently to provide all relevant information, at-a-glance. 
Click here to download or request a copy.
Regular Range Updates – Product Supplements
Constantly refining and developing our product offer to ensure it continues to meet the needs of its customers and the ever-challenging marketplace, Earley’s latest product supplements include the 2018 Supplement featuring new additions for 2018 and the Premium Perennials Supplement 2018. 
Click here to download or request a copy.

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