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Compact Red wins award

SunPatiens® Compact Red wins award at HTA National Plant Show

Earley Ornamentals exhibited for the first time at this increasingly popular show and were delighted to receive a gold medal for SunPatiens® Compact Red which was also judged best in the annuals class by a panel of experts.   

SunPatiens® Compact Red is an excellent variety being a rich blood red, highly floriferous and with a neat mounded habit ideal for use in hanging baskets.  Other new introductions to the SunPatiens® series for 2013 include an improved Compact White and a Vigorous Blush Pink.  

This takes the SunPatiens® range to 19 colours for 2013 with forms to meet all needs whether landscape, patio or hanging basket.
Earley's stand at the HTA National
Plant Show
The award winner -
SunPatiens® Compact Red
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