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SunPatiens® Power Flower

SunPatiens® – the true alternative to seed impatiens for today’s marketplace!

In 2011 a new strain of downy mildew (Plasmopara obducens) wreaked havoc with crops and plantings of Impatiens walleriana, affecting both seed and cutting raised plants of this species. In many locations throughout the UK and Europe plantings of I. walleriana were often entirely wiped out and within a very short period of time. The risk of re-infection remains a strong possibility.

Downy mildew symptoms on I. walleriana)

As a response to this massive problem many growers and retailers will not be offering Impatiens walleriana this coming spring.  Even the UK’s largest mail-order company has announced that they are not offering seed impatiens this coming season. Given that seed impatiens are by far one of the most popular bedding plants this leaves a huge gap in the market and consumers will be looking for alternatives.

From all trial gardens, research stations, municipal plantings and production nurseries throughout the UK and Europe we have received the feedback that SunPatiens® are totally unaffected by current strains of downy mildew even if they are surrounded by diseased plants of Impatiens walleriana. Thus, SunPatiens® are a truly viable high-performance and much tougher alternative to seed impatiens for the garden and amenity plantings, in sun and shade, rain or shine.

SunPatiens® next to wasted beds of seed impatiens

Given the excellent coverage and fast growth of SunPatiens® far fewer plants are required per given area. So plantings of SunPatiens® can actually be more economical than seed impatiens.

Don't let your customers down on Impatiens offer them SunPatiens®!

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