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Totally different Cyclamen

A range of colour and size options

With an exceptional choice from world-class breeders, the new cyclamen range provides an opportunity for both selling on to retail customers, and creative yet reliable options for parks and landscape designers.

Featuring new varieties, the latest colours and novelties including frillys, flames and silver leaf.
There is a wide range to suit all requirements from pack production to large pots, as well as plants for both indoor and outdoor use.


Fantasia® Varieties
Striking bicolour flowers, vibrant colours with a strong white edge. 
Available in Smartiz® F1, Metis® F1, Tianis® FQ and Halios® F1 

Cyclamen Metis Cyclamen Tianis Cyclamens Halios
Smartiz® F1
New for 2018 
Metis® F1 Tianis® F1 Halios® F1

Designed to accommodate different production needs and applications, there are three flower size categories, MinisIntermediates and Large.

Mini Cyclamen

Great for autumn patio containers and decorative bowls
Smartiz® F1
Earley’s Mini Cyclamen selection features Smartiz® F1, an excellent compact mini suited to summer or autumn production and resistant to heat and colour fade.
Cyclamen Smartiz® F1 Cyclamen Smartiz® F1 Mix Cyclamen Smartiz® F1 Victoria
Smartiz® F1 Smartiz® F1
Smartiz® F1
Metis® F1
The long lasting outdoors, Metis® F1 with an extensive colour range, short production time and more vigour. 
Cyclamen Metis® F1 Cyclamen Metis® F1 Mix Cyclamen Metis® F1 Flame Mix Cyclamen Metis® F1 PomPom®
Metis® F1 Metis® F1
Metis® F1
Flame Mix
Metis® F1

Super Serie®
Plus, Super Serie® F1, which includes the compact, small leaved Verano®, the robust Mini Winter® and the top rated variety for outdoors Picasso

Cyclamen Verano® F1 Mix Cyclamen Picasso Veranda Selections® Cyclamen Picasso Veranda Selections® 	Mini Winter® F1 Mix
Verano® F1 Mix  Picasso
Veranda Selections® 
Mini Winter® F1
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Intermediate Cyclamen

Quick to market
Quick to market, this range features Tianis® F1 - ideal for outdoor use. It is uniform and floriferous with a very short culture time.
Cyclamen Tianis® F1 Mix
Tianis® F1 

Large Flowered Cyclamen

A traditional Christmas pot plant

Halios® F1 produces high quality, uniform plants with robust stems and continuous flowers, available as an 17-colour mix, and includes flame and silver leaf.
Halios® F1 Curly Mix ia available in a 13 colour mix, all the attributes of Halios® with fringed flowers! 

Halios® F1

Cyclamen Halios® F1 Curly Mix

Cyclamen Halios® F1 Mix

Halios® F1 Curly Mix

Halios® F1 Mix 

All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's 
professional growers 

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