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This comprehensive viola range offers a wide commercial selection

Grandissimo F1

The popular Earley Viola range includes garden heroes Earley's Viola Vibrante F1 and Viola Grandissimo, which produces larger blooms than the average viola. This comprehensive viola range offers a wide commercial selection, including Perfetto F1, Penny F1 and new Bel Viso F1 additions.

Viola Vibrante F1 - Earley's own viola

Viola Vibrante Clear Spring Mix Viola Vibrante Blotch Mix Viola Vibrante Jump up Mix Viola Vibrante Cool Blues Viola Vibrante Lemoncello
Clear Spring Mix
New mix
Blotch Mix
New mix
Jump up Mix Cool Blues Mix Lemoncello Mix
Viola Vibrante F1 Mix
  • Vibrante mixture of 17 colours and 6 vibrant mixtures
  • Includes popular bicolours
  • Compact and uniform
  • Early flowering
17 separate colours
Viola vibrante BlueBlue Viola vibrant blue bronzeBlue 
Bronze Imp
Viola Vibrante Deep BlueDeep
Viola Vibrante DenimDenim Viola Vibrante MarinaMarina Viola Vibrante Orange Purple WingOrange 
Purple Wing
Viola Vibrante Pink SurprisePink
Viola Vibrante Ruby and GoldRuby and
Viola Vibrante WedgewoodWedge-
Viola Vibrante WhiteWhite Viola Vibrante White Purple WingWhite 
Purple Wing
Viola Vibrante YellowYellow
Viola Vibrante Yellow BlotchYellow 
Viola Vibrante Yellow Jump UpYellow 
Jump Up
Viola Vibrante Yellow Purple WingYellow 
Purple Wing
Viola Vibrante Yellow Red Wing 
Red Wing
Viola Vibrante YTTYTT

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Viola Grandissimo F1

Viola Grandissimo IX
  • Large flowers
  • Novelty colours
  • Excellent for the patio
  • Ideal for the pots and packs
Orange Clear Purple Rose with Blotch

Bel Viso F1

Viola Bel Viso F1
  • Wide colour mix
  • Novel mixture
  • Compact habit
  • Ideal for pots and packs 
Orange Jump Up Blotch
Blackberry Swirl
Pineapple Crush

Penny F1

Viola Penny F1
  • 9 colours to completment Viola Vibrante
  • Unusual colours
  • Compact habit
  • Ideal for packs
  • Excellent in patio pots
Purple Picotee

Perfetto F1

Viola Perfetto F1
  • Complements Viola Vibrante
  • Good vigour
  • Compact uniform habit
  • Early flowering
Purple Face

Rebellina F1

Viola Rebelina F1
  • Masses of small flowers
  • Trailing habit
  • Ideal for baskets and patio pots
Blue and Yellow

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