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In the Spotlight 2019

Helping you stay ahead 

We are pleased to introduce our Earley Ornamentals catalogue and product range, which is packed with seed and cutting raised choices for spring, summer and autumn flowering.

All our products are selected to help you stay ahead and meet the needs of today’s challenging retail environment. 

As an independent UK young plant producer, Earley Ornamentals has access to genetics from the world's leading breeders.

The range, which features increasingly popular favourites such as Nemesia and the forever-popular Pansy Premier F1, also includes many new commercial introductions. 


NEW 2019 Catalogues

NEW Earley Ornamentals Catalogue 2019

Featuring our extensive bedding, basket and patio range of products. 

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Earley Perennials 2017/18

NEW Earley Ornamentals Perennial Catalogue 2019

Perennial popularity is growing all the time. To meet demand, we've expanded our range and launched this new catalogue.

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NEW Spotlight 2019 Leaflet

A downloadable PDF of the Earley Spotlight 2019 collection.

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A selection from our Spotlight 2019 collection is featured here.

Next generation Petchoa

Interesting new X Petchoa BeautiCal™ offers a more mounded habit than SuperCal® and larger flowers - ideal for pot, patio segment and impressive at retail. 
  • Very good weather and rain tolerance
  • Mildew resistance, long-lasting till end of summer
  • Suited to 10.5-12cm pots and mix containers
X Petchoa BeautiCal™ SuperCal®
Click here to see more of the X Petchoa and SuperCal® range

Commercially reliable pansy and viola options

Meeting grower needs, the extensive Pansy and Viola range features a selection of flower sizes, varieties and more unusual options for autumn through to spring flowering.  
Highlights include:
  • New easy-to-grow, award-winning Pansy Freefall® F1 XL
  • Additional Pansy Premier F1 colours - a large flowered all-rounder
  • New medium flower series Pansy Mariposa F1 - strong branching habit, 17 colours and 1 mix
  • Leading Viola Vibrante F1 - colours specifically selected for flowering time uniformity
Pansy Freefall® F1 XL Pansy Premier F1
Pansy Mariposa F1 Viola Vibrante F1
Click here to see more of the Pansy and Viola range


With fragrant and early flowering choices, bi-colour, bushy and semi-trailing varieties, the Earley Nemesia range is a strong seller and this year's introduction is a new large flower Nemesia option:
  • New Bordeaux - large wine-red coloured flowers
  • Bestseller Wisley Vanilla - blush white flowers with vanilla scent
Bordeaux Wisley Vanilla
Click here to see more of the Nemesia range

 Commercial Cosmos additions

Easier to grow and transport, brand new dwarf Cosmos Apollo has an excellent branching habit, which makes for a better display of colour and shelf life. 
  • Larger flowers, strong petals
  • Apollo Lovesong - pretty bicolour
  • Very long flowering period
  • Unrivalled disease and heat tolerance
Also now available is Fleuroselect Approved Novelty Cosmos Xsenia - a new colour, terracotta-orange with pink, which changes with sun intensity. 

Cosmos Apollo Cosmos Xsenia

New tangle-free Geranium series

A brand new series of F1 Ivy Leaf that is earlier to flower and easier to produce, Geranium Ivy Leaf Reach Out F1 has a compact habit and short internodes.
  • Full canopy of flowers
  • Non tangling
  • Superb landscape, container and basket performance
Geranium Ivy Leaf Reach Out F1
Click here to see more of the Genanium range

Top of the Phlox

Naturally dwarf and strong branching, new Phlox Popstars F1 hybrid offers a fantastic show of single star-shaped flowers in attractive bicolours. Its compact habit with F1 vigour ensures good garden performance and amazing flower power. 
Phlox Popstars F1

Fiery and fragrant Begonias

The latest addition to the successful Bossa Nova™ series, Night Fever Papaya displays a multitude of cascading, light orange flowers that contrast strikingly with darker foliage. Adding to the Begonia range is the new aromatic delight, Begonia Fragrant Falls®. With a semi-trailing habit and excellent staying power, summer to frost, this Begonia is excellent for baskets. 
Night Fever Papaya Begonia Fragrant Falls®
Click here to see more of the Begonia range

Dahlia delights

New dahlias include options from the fun, flashy Labella® series:
  • Robust, giant flowered Dahlia Labella® Maggiore - great for summer pot sales
  • Easy-to-grow Dahlia Labella® Grande offers show-stopping, double flowers in strong colours
  • Stunning Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun in unique colours for a more unusual choice
Dahlia Labella® Maggiore Dahlia Labella® Grande Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun
Click here to see more of the Dahlia range

All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's professional growers 

Extend the summer with the Earley Ornamentals Super Bloomers collection

  • Weather tolerant - robust and resistant
  • Long prolific flowering - Requires little maintenance
  • Fade-resistant colour - strong colour that will not fade in sunlight
  • Large plug sizes - Larger plug sizes reduce production time - providing a commercial option for up to 3 litre pot sales
  • Seed and cutting raised - All season and applciations
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